Photonics Research Group


a)    Nanostructure-based devices (Photonics&Bio photonics)

Group leader: Abbas Behjat (Prof. in Atomics & Molecular Physics)

New generation solar cells including: Dye sensitizedsolar cells, Quantum dot sensitized solar cells, aswell as the Plasmonic solar cells are under investigations. Abbas Behjat’s research group investigates nanostructure- based devices with the main aim to develop efficient sensitized solar cells (SCs).

Group Members:

  • Dr. M. Borhani (polymer Physics)
  • Dr. M.K. Tavassoly (Quantum Optics)
  • Dr. M.M. Sharifian (photonics)
  • Dr. S.B. Bahadori(Plasma Physics)
  • Mrs. N. Torabi(PhD St.)
  • Mrs. M. Shahpari(PhD St.)
  • Mr. M. Dehghan (PhD St.)
  • N. Aeineh(PhD St.)
  • Mr. J. Noorollahi(PhD St.)
  • Mr. A. Zareei (PhD St.)
  • Mr. A. Salmanpour (PhD St.)
  • Ms.S. Edalati (Graduate St.)
  • Mr. A. Hoshangi (Graduate St.)
  • Mr. A. Abbasi (Graduate St.)
  • Mr. A. Karimizarchi (Graduate St.)
  • Ms. F. Dosthaosseni (M.Sc. in Q.D.SSC)
  • Mrs. F. Jafari (M.Sc. in DSSC )
  • Ms. Hashemi (M.Sc. in Nano Physics)
  • Mr. A.M. Dehghani ( Q.D.SSC)
  • Mrs. N. Kargar (M.Sc. in Q.D.SSC)
  • Ms. Tavakkoli (Graduate St.)
  • Ms. B. Marzban (Graduate St.)
  • Mr. A. RahnemaNik(Graduate St.)

PRG has also national collaborations with research groups from other departments and peoples including:

  • Solid State Physics, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran,Dr. N. Taghavinia(Group leader in solar cells)
  • Chemistry Dept., Yazd University, Yazd,Prof. S. Dadfarnia(Group leader in Analytical Chemistry)
  • Solid State Physics, Tehran University of Science &Technology , Tehran, Dr. R. Ejeian(Group leader in solar cells)
  • Chemistry Dept., Yazd University,Yazd, Prof. B.F. Miljalili(Group leader in Organic Chemistry)
  • Chemistry Dept., Yazd University, Yazd, Prof. H.R. Zare(Group leader in Electro-chemistry)
  • Shiraz University of Technology, Shiraz, Dr M. Hatami, (Group leader in non - linear optics and opto-electronics)
  • Physics Dept., Kashan University,Kashan,Dr S.M.B. Ghorashi
  • Solid State Physics, Yazd University, Yazd)Dr. M.A. Sadeghzadeh
  • Solid State Physics, Yazd University, Yazd,Dr. M. Khajeaminian
  • Solid State Physics, Yazd University, Yazd,Dr. S.M.A. Salehi
  • Chemistry Dept., Yazd University, Yazd)Prof. A. M. Haj-shabani

Journal Publications:

1)    M. Ghoshania,b, A. Behjat, F. Jafari, and N. Torabi, " Thin-film Encapsulation of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes using Single and Multilayer Structures of MgF2, YF3 and ZnS" International Journal of Optics & Photonics, 7(1), (2013), 11-17.
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4)    S.M.B Ghorashi, A. Behajt, R. Ejeian "The effect of a buffer layer on the performance and optimal encapsulation time of ITO/CuPc/C60/Buffer/Cu bilayer cells", Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells 96 (2012).
5)    M. Neghabi, A. Behjat, "Electrical and electroluminescence properties of ITO/PEDOT:PSS/TPD:Alq3:C60/Al organic light emitting diodes", Current Applied Physics, 12 (2) (2012), 597-601.
6)     S.M.B. Ghorashi, A. Behjat, M. Neghabi,G.Mirjalili, "Simulation and fabrication of naostructuredZnS/Metal/ZnS films and study of their structural and optical properties", Iranian Journal of Crystalography and Mineralogy, 20 (1), 2012, 169-178.
7)    K. Silakhori, M. Refahizadeh, A. Behjat, H. Ghasemi, M. Talebi,  "Noncontact optogalvanic single detection in DC discharge CO2 lasers",Journal of Applied Spectroscopy, 79(2), (2012)219-223.
8)    S.A. Firouzifar, A. Behjat, E. Kadivar, , M. Borhabni, S.M.B. Ghorashi, "A study of the optical properties and adhesion of zinc sulfide anti-reflection thin film coated on a germanium substrate" , Applied Surface Science, 258, 2011, 818-821.
9)    M. Neghabi, A. Behjat, S.M.B. Ghorashi, S.M.A. Salehi, " The effect of annealing on structural, electrical and optical properties of nanostructured ZnS/Ag/ZnS films", Thin Solid Films, 519 (2011) 5662-5666.
10)    M. Neghabi , A. Behjat ,  and S. M. B. Ghorashi ,  "Parameters of ZnS/Metal/ZnS nanostructured systems with different metal layers", International Journal of Optics & Photonics, 4(2),(2010) 105-111.  
11)    S.M.B. Ghorashi, A. Behjat, M.Neghabi,G.Mirjalili 'Effects of air annealing on the optical, electrical, and structural properties of nanostructured ZnS/Au/ZnS films', Applied Surface Science 257 (2010) 1602–1606.
12)    M. Parsaeian, F. Anvari, M. Kheirkhah, A.M. Haji Shabani, A. Behjat  and M. Tabasi, Electron Beam Process for Decolorization of Reactive and Acid Dyes in Aqueous Solution in Presence of H2O2,   J. Nuclear Sci. and Tech., 50 (2010), 68-73.
13)    K. Silakhori, M.A. Haddad,  A. Behjat, M. Talebi, S.M.R. SadreGhaeni, G. Aziz Abadi, "Utilizing NH3 Laser Pulses in Multiphoton Dissociation Process of CCL4 Molecules with 13C Isotope Selectivity", J. Nuclear Science and Tech., 48(2)(2009)38-45.  
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b)    Quantum Optics

Group leader: Dr Mohammad KazemTavassoly (Associate Prof.)

Group Members:

  • Dr. M. Hatami
  • Prof. A. Behjat
  • Dr. Honarasa
  • Dr. M.J. Faghihi
  • Dr. S.R. Miri
  • S. M. Modaress (Ph.D st.)
  • MrH.R. Bagheshahi(Ph.D st.)
  • Mr N Yazdanpanah(Ph.D st.)
  • Mr A. Karimi(Ph.D st.).)
  • Mr. R. Daneshmand(Ph.D st.).)
  • Ms E. Faraji (MSc st.)
  • Mrs M. Maghami (MSc st.)
  • MsHekmat-ara (MSc st.)

c)  Polymer physics

Group leader: Dr.MahmoodBorhani (Associate Prof.)

Group Members:

  • Prof. A. Behjat
  • MrHojjatAmrollahiBioki (MSc. In Polymer Physics)
  • Dr. Nateghi (Chemistry Group, Islamic Azad University, Yazd)
  • Dr.G. Mirjalili
  • Ms. S. Mozaffari (Ph.D. St)